“Lose up to 27lbs in 27 days without exercise"

If you have a weight problem, don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, or feel unattractive around your partner, then take a close look at my dramatic before and after pictures.

It may shock you to know that these pictures were not taken over a period of 6 months, or even 12 weeks.

In fact, my incredible body transformation occurred in a period of just 27 DAYS!


Hi I’m Kurt,

Do you see the before picture of the fat dude wearing Santa’s Pants? That’s me.

Before I tell you about the amazing effect weight loss has had on my life, I’ll take some time to explain the before picture and the old me.

You see, I wasn’t always overweight. In fact, I was pretty active for most of my life, and I played hockey religiously from ages 6 to 21.

But like a lot of people as they grow older, life got a hold of me and my body.

Unhealthy habits became more frequent, and weight gain crept up on me over a number of years.

Before I knew it, I woke up one day and I was 211lbs at 5’9, which in medical terms made me clinically obese.

And it wasn’t just the weight gain either. It wasn’t just being out of breath every time I climbed the stairs.

I felt unattractive.

I had lost confidence in myself.

I knew I had to make a change.

But I didn’t have time to commit to going to the gym 5 or 6 days a week. And I dreaded the thought of waking up early on a freezing cold, pitch black winter morning just to spend 45 torturous minutes on a treadmill.

I didn’t want to take questionable diet pills chock full of stimulants either.

I needed an alternative solution.

I was looking online one day, and that’s when I first discovered HCG Warrior drops. Like anyone, I was extremely skeptical of a product that promised I could lose up to 30lbs in just 27 days. That’s more than a pound a day.

But after doing some reading and discovering the HCG diet wasn’t just a fad, and had actually been around for nearly 70 years. I decided to give it a go anyway, just so I could see for myself.

After receiving my drops within 2 days, I began my HCG weight loss journey.

The diet itself was pretty simple to follow, and while I expected to have hunger cravings all day, that wasn’t the case at all.

Within days, I started to see the visible changes.

My love handles were getting smaller, my stomach was shrinking, I could see definition in my arms again.

Plus, it was incredibly motivating doing daily weigh-ins and seeing pounds drop off every time.

On day 27, I looked in the mirror, and I saw my old self again.

I had lost 29 lbs in just 27 days.

It was a life-changing experience.

My confidence was through the roof.

Wanna know the best part?

It’s now been 7 years, and the weight has stayed off!

I can play hockey again, which believe me, is a heck of a lot easier when you don’t have to carry around an extra 30lbs.

Most importantly though, I can play with my son, and chase him around the house for hours- getting to see the joy in his eyes when we play together.

And now, you can experience the same life-changing results I did - thanks to the HCG Warrior diet.

Now - What Exactly is HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring hormone composed of 237 amino acids that suppresses hunger and promotes fat burning when combined with a low calorie diet.

Although HCG is produced by female bodies during pregnancy, both men and women can safely use it without any side effects.

The diet itself is not a fad, or even anything new. HCG’s use as a weight loss tool was first discovered by leading British endocrinologist Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons back in the 1950s. Dr. Simeons used HCG as a treatment at one of the world’s leading weight loss clinics in Rome, Italy. Since then, there have been over 40 years of studies demonstrating HCG’s effectiveness in weight loss.

The Three Types of Fat

Your body has three types of fat - two of these are necessary, but we’re concerned with the one that isn’t.

Structural or Essential Fat is fat that fills the gaps between various organs and performs important functions like protecting the coronary arteries, and keeping your skin smooth and healthy looking. We all require structural fat to look and feel good.

Reserve Fat is what your body uses for nutrition. Because fat has the highest caloric value per gram, your body uses it for tasks like muscular activity and maintaining optimal body temperature. Like structural fat, reserve fat is normal and we need it to survive.

The third type of fat, known as Abnormal or Excess Fat is what makes us overweight, in addition to being the cause of health problems like heart disease, diabetes and strokes. This is the fat we want to get rid of.

With a regular diet, our bodies burn the structural and reserve fat first. That’s why many dieters look gaunt and feel exhausted all day. If you’ve ever failed a diet, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

With HCG, the body is able to use this excess abnormal fat for energy without depleting its reserves of structure and reserve fat. In laymens terms - with HCG, your body burns your excess fat first allowing you to lose weight without feeling weak or tired.

How Does It Work?

By taking HCG 3 times per day, combined with a low calorie diet - you effectively reset your metabolism, allowing your body to lose weight at an incredible rate of up to 1LB PER DAY all without feeling hungry or weak!

Where the HCG diet differs from other low-calorie diets, is with this metabolism reset, you can keep the weight off after you’ve finished.

Previously, HCG had to be injected in order to be effective. Not only are these injections expensive (they average around $850CAD per month), they aren’t ideal for most people.

Fortunately, recent developments now allow HCG to be taken sub-lingually (under the tongue) in drop form -which allows them to go directly into your body and begin working within minutes.

This painless and non-invasive method is preferred by most users, and is the method I used to lose 29 lbs in just 27 days.


The diet itself consists of 3 phases

Phase 1 - Loading Phase

This sounds counter-intuitive - but when starting the HCG Warrior diet, you’ll need to shock your body by over-eating fatty foods. For the first 2 days of your diet, you should eat as much as you can fit in your stomach. You can eat absolutely anything - pizza, ice cream, cake, chips, the whole nine yards. This phase lasts only 2 days and you must consume your HCG Warrior drops 3 times per day while in this phase.

Phase 2 - Fat Burning Phase

This is the low calorie part of the diet plan and lasts anywhere from 27 to 40 days. During this phase you will eat 500 calories per day, using a specific diet plan which includes lean protein, vegetables and fruit. To make things easy for you, a full diet plan, as well as a recipe book are included with every HCG Warrior order.

Phase 3 - The Maintenance Phase

The third and final phase is the 3 week maintenance or stabilization phase, designed to keep off the weight you have just lost. Your diet is more flexible in this phase, and you steadily introduce more foods back into your routine while keeping your caloric intake to 1500 calories per day.

Incredible Benefits of the HCG diet

  • Lose weight from Day 1 .
  • Rapid, automatic weight loss of up to 1lb per day for the 27 day period.
  • Reduced feeling of hunger throughout the day.
  • Completely safe - does not negatively affect your long-term metabolism.
  • Easy to follow instructions - even if you’ve never dieted before.
  • No additional exercise required - No more hours being a slave to the treadmill or feeling self-conscious on the stairmaster.
  • Clinically Proven to help you lose weight.
  • Lose inches as well as pounds (HCG allows you to lose up to 1cm from your waist with ever 2.2lbs (1KG) of weight loss).
  • Maintain your muscle mass - HCG allows your body to retain its existing muscle, even with the large calorie deficit.
  • Keep the weight off after your diet is over

Benefits of choosing HCG Warrior

  • SUPPORT FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN IN YOUR POSITION: All our staff have completed the HCG diet themselves and have helped many of their friends lose weight with the program as well. You won’t call us just to reach some call centre in India or the Philippines. We are right here in Alberta, Canada. If you are having a problem or are unsure about a particular situation that arises, you can call or email our support completely free and you will be coached through your situation, by people who have already gone through it.
  • SUPERIOR BOTTLE DESIGN: Our bottles are PET amber plastic so they won’t break in the frigid Canadian winters or when your bottle falls on the hard tile floor.
  • THE ORIGINAL HCG FORMULA: Not all drops are created equal. HCG Warrior drops are made to the original Formula discussed in Dr. Simeons Book. The potency of 6x 12x 30x 60x has been proven to be the most effective over the years and we’ve got it! No added stimulants or other harmful ingredients.
  • US MADE, FDA APRROVED AND RIGIOURSLY TESTED: Don’t settle for inferior HCG drops made in China, with who-knows-what added in the process. HCG Warrior drops are made in the USA within an FDA approved and registered facility. Each batch is tested for quality and if stored in a cool place the potency will last up to 2 years.
  • FAST SHIPPING TO YOUR HOME: We ship from Alberta, Canada via Canada Post using Express 2 day shipping. So you don’t have to deal with the hassle of ordering from the USA. When you order within Canada you won’t lose your drops at the border (yes, this does happen) or spend 7-10 waiting to start your HCG Warrior diet.
  • LOSE 5LBS IN A WEEK OR YOUR MONEY BACK! We’re so confident that HCG Warrior drops will work for you. If you don’t lose 5 pounds in your first week, you can send the product back for a full refund. The risk is all on us. Other companies won’t give you that. Period

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P.P.S. HCG Clinics can charge up to $850CAD for one month of injections. Save 80% by ordering HCG Warrior Drops, a painless and non-invasive form of HCG.


Is the HCG diet safe?

Yes. There are no known side effects beyond some users reporting mild headaches during the first few days.

Are the drops as good as HCG injections?

Yes. In the vast-majority of people, HCG drops have the same weight loss effects as injections, at just a fraction of the cost.

Do the drops have a taste?

No. Our pure HCG drops are completely tasteless.

I don’t like the idea of eating as much as possible for two days - do I have to do the loading phase?

Yes. The loading phase is a key element of the diet. The calories, and the fat you consume during these two days will be used by your body as fuel during the upcoming weeks.

Can I realistically expect to lose 25lbs in just 27 days?

Absolutely, check out our testimonials from customers who have lost 25lbs (or more in some cases) on the 27 day program.

Will HCG interfere with my medication?

No. This dosage of HCG does not interfere with prescription drugs or birth control.

How do I store my HCG?

You can store HCG drops at room temperature. Just be sure to keep them away from heat sources like a radiator or fireplace.

How much HCG do I take?

Take 10 drops 3x a day. A full instruction guide is included with every order so you don’t forget.

How big are the bottles?
Each HCG Warrior bottle is 2oz, which is enough HCG for roughly 18 days.
Do I have to exercise on the diet?

Exercise is not necessary on the diet, however a half hour moderate paced each walk per day may help additional weight loss. Strenuous exercise is not recommend on the HCG diet.

How long will my HCG last?

Properly stored, your HCG will retain potency for up to 2 years.

What can I drink on the diet?

You can drink unlimited amounts of water, coffee and tea (no cream or sugar). Alcoholic drinks are not permitted.

Is the diet filled with expensive foods that aren’t available near me?

Not at all. All HCG diet foods are readily available in a regular grocery store.

I’m a man, will I get any side effects from taking HCG?

No. Despite HCG only occurring naturally in pregnant females, there are no negative side effects for males or females when taken at the correct dosages.

Will I get bad breath on the diet?

A small percentage of dieters may experience bad breath. This can be fixed with sugar-free breath mints.

Are these all natural?

Yes. HCG Warrior drops are 100% natural. While other weight loss or fat loss supplements contains unhealthy amounts of caffeine and other stimulants, HCG offers a homeopathic approach to weight loss.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan - can I do the HCG diet?

Yes. The meat in the diet plan can be substituted for vegetarian and even vegan friendly proteins.

Am I getting real HCG drops?

Yes, while other sellers may sell imitation “hormone-free” HCG which is ineffective. HCG Warriors drops contain the same HCG potency as Dr. Simeons original formula.
HCG Warrior drops do not contain: Soy, wheat, yeast, lactose, milk, egg or fish products, sugar,
salt, starch, artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.
They’re also Gluten Free.

Do you ship to my province?

Yes, we ship to every single Canadian province (even Nunavut!) within 2 business days.

Is the diet bland and boring?

We found that other HCG diet protocols were boring, that’s why we included over 40 delicious, HCG friendly recipes with every order.

I’ve heard I can’t use shampoo and conditioner with the HCG diet - is that true?

Most people can safely continue to use their regular hygiene products without affecting their weight loss. That includes shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste. Make sure any lotions, creams or makeup you use are oil free.

Will I be vitamin deficient on the diet?

No, only the actual fat is burned up; all the vitamins, the proteins, the blood, and the minerals which this tissue contains in abundance are fed back into the body.

Still not convinced? Check out these testimonials from successful HCG Warrior Dieters

Try It Risk-Free - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our promise is simple - try them on us and if you don’t lose 5lbs within your first week, return your drops to us for a full refund. We’ll even refund your shipping.

If you’re ready to transform your body with a diet that allows you to safely lose up to 1lb a day, then try HCG Warrior Drops on us today. Remember, you’re backed up by a 100% money back guarantee, so any risk is on us - not you.

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