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Ingredients: HCG 3x, 6x, 12x, 60x. This is the original formula that was popularised by HCG Dieters and is the most sought after consistency of HCG on the market today. Our product is made in the USA in an FDA approved facility to assure quality standards are met.

Customer Support

All our staff have completed the HCG Diet and know first hand what it is like to experience this miracle diet. This is just one of the many thing that sets our company apart from the rest. We are able to take each individual situation and trouble shoot it with highly qualified people who care about you and your success.

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We realise you want your HCG drops as soon as you order and that is why we send all orders via Canada Express Post. You will receive your product within 2 business days and your drops will show up in a discrete package so you can keep your weight loss journey top secret.

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Expected Results

With HCG Warrior drops you will see weight loss right away as most people will see a weight loss of 5-10 pounds in their first week. Men will generally lose a little bit faster than woman when following the diet perfectly. On average Men will lose 25 pounds in 27 days if they have more that 30 pounds to lose in the first place. Some woman have lost 30 pounds in 27 days and some men have only lost 23 pounds in 27 days so each person’s body is different.

The 3 Phases of the HCG Diet Protocol

Phase 1

When starting you will need shock your body by over-eating fatty foods. In this stage (phase 1), you should eat as much as you can fit in your stomach. This is also called the gorging phase and lasts only 2 days (first 2 days) and you must consume your HCG Drops 3 times per day while in this phase.

Phase 2

This is the low calorie part of the diet plan and lasts anywhere from 27 to 40 days. During this phase you will eat 500 calories per day off a specific diet plan which includes fruits and vegetables as well as 2 daily meals consisting of proteins (steak, fish, etc..). The HCG drops will be consumed three times per day during phase 1 and phase 2.

Phase 3

The Third and final phase is the 3 week maintenance phase and its all about maintaining your weight loss that you just achieved. The main idea here is to stay away from starches and sugars while keeping your caloric intake to 1500 calories per day.

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Large 2 Ounce Bottles

Many people don’t realise that HCG Warrior drops come in lager 2 ounce bottles. The biggest mistake customers make is comparing prices using the number of bottles instead of counting the ounces. With HCG Warrior you get Quality and Quantity!

In Business for 5 years

HCG Warrior has been helping Canadians lose weight for more than 5 years. Our longevity speaks volumes of our product and our loyal customers as year after year we have more and more amazing testimonials of people positively changing their bodies and lives. Thank you for supporting our company and Canadian businesses.

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Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and even Nunavut.